xxxx Family,

I have decided to move on to other exciting professional opportunities. Opportunities that are only possible because of the incredible experience I have had at xxxx.

During my 4 years with the company, I have seen almost every aspect of the business from high level strategic planning to pipetting in the laboratory. I have also seen xxxx evolve from a promising start-up to a successful company poised to treat patients across the globe. I can best describe my experience as magical- the people I have met, the tasks I have mastered, and the therapy we all believe in so deeply.

I originally came to xxxx as a summer intern who was finishing a master’s thesis about biotechnological art and wanted to learn about the industry. Four years later, I am an accomplished professional with many skills, thanks to the patience and expertise of my colleagues.

As I reflect on my time at xxxx, I have developed a list of things I have learned that I will take with me, and I know it will continue to grow. I’m including them here:

·      Hold yourself to the highest standard

·      Develop a defined, mutually understood rubric for your role in the organization

·      Identify the training, tools, and resources necessary to produce the highest quality work

·      Independently research a problem, issue, or question before asking someone else for help or guidance

·      Bring people materials that are as close to finished as possible for review

·      Pick up the phone and call a person you have an issue with or need something from

·      Make people laugh

·      Don’t interrupt

·      Treat the workplace as a family, initiating trust, unity, understanding, and pivotal bonding points

·      Be a sponge for knowledge and understand that humble pie will be served sometimes

·      Always have your business card ready to slap down on the table

·      Suit up

·      Be a complete person whose work emanates from an intrinsic set of qualities. Someone who is inherently and radiantly effective, positive, energetic, enthusiastic, professional, articulate, and intelligent.

I have learned something critical to my future from every person in the organization and I am deeply grateful to xxxx.

Thank you,